Why MLB jerseys might look a little different after lockdown ends

The MLBPA and MLB have corrected things, both literally and figuratively.

Following the lead of the NBA and NHL, MLB teams could make small changes to their uniforms this season.

As part of the new CBA, advertisements in the form of patches on jerseys and helmet decals are coming, adding another revenue stream for MLB teams.

The league is still finalizing details regarding patch sizes, prohibited categories and where on the jersey the patches can be placed.

This isn’t new to professional sports: as mentioned, the NHL and NBA already have or plan to add patches to their uniforms, while overseas it’s been a common occurrence for some time.

NBA teams make a lot of money with their uniform patches; the patch program for the league approached a quarter billion dollars in value.

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It remains to be seen which advertisers will take the plunge to advertise a sport that has leaned towards the older demographic for some time.

With MLB adopting the avenue of patches and decals, that leaves the NFL as the last of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States to not have jersey patches for advertisements, although that may change in years. future.

Introducing fixes will be a minor thing that thankfully won’t affect gameplay on the pitch; after all, the uniforms already carry the Nike logo, while the jerseys, cleats and other equipment also host logos.

Fortunately, MLB fans aren’t die-hard traditionalists who get upset over the smallest things.

Neal T. Doss