This Red Sox-Mets trade could make both teams happy

MLB rumors continue to swirl ahead of the trade deadline and a possible deal between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox makes perfect sense.

Given their place at the top of the NL East, the New York Mets appear to be active at the MLB trade deadline by most predictions, most likely adding another big bat and trying to find stability. to the receiver as their highest priorities (but not the only ones). The question is which players they will walk away with once the August 2 deadline passes.

One potential trade partner that floats around often is the Boston Red Sox, an MLB Trade Deadline curiosity in their own right. It appears no one knows for sure whether the club will be buyers or sellers at the deadline, adding to the complications of trying to find potential deals involving Boston.

However, if they’re ready to sell, there’s a deal in the works that would work extremely well for the Mets and Red Sox.

MLB rumours: Red Sox sending JD Martinez, Christian Vazquez to Mets would make perfect sense

SNY’s Andy Martino noted that Boston has long been a fan of 22-year-old prospect Mark Vientos, a versatile player currently in Triple-A. Given what New York is mostly in the market for, a trade that includes Vientos to the Red Sox with JD Martinez and Christian Vazquez going to the Mets would apparently be perfect.

Martinez, though primarily a DH in his mid-30s at this point, is seen as one of Boston’s most likely assets to trade if they sell at the deadline (or perhaps even if they don’t) since they might lose it. this offseason for nothing. Meanwhile, Vazquez is a bit trickier because he would likely only be on the move if Boston were invested in selling future assets.

With the Red Sox on that line and just days before the trade deadline, perhaps a proposal that landed them the No. 5 prospect position in the Mets organization would be enough to compel them to sell. , especially if it is true that they have been fans of Vientos in the past.

As for New York, the two veterans would fill their two biggest needs. Even as an older player, Martinez has always been a force with the bat, hitting over .300 this season and still showing a bit of pop. Vazquez, while not an elite defensive receiver, is solid and has proven to be a good stick as well.

Nothing is certain – a refrain at this type of year – but it’s hard not to look at this trade and not think it would be an ideal outcome for both clubs.

Neal T. Doss