The most popular MLB jerseys coming in 2021

Mookie Betts has an MVP trophy. He has two World Series rings. And now he has the most popular jersey in baseball.

MLB released its list of the most popular player jerseys going into the 2021 Opening Day on Wednesday. Betts, the Dodgers superstar who took over LA in his first season there, is No. 1.

And find out who comes in at No. 3: Padres phenom Fernando Tatis Jr. He’s not only the highest rank ever for a Padres player – at just 22, he’s the youngest player ever with a MLB top-three jersey.

The hottest jerseys coming in 2021 feature baseball’s biggest stars: Betts, Tatis, Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuña Jr., Francisco Lindor, Mike Trout and more. All of these players are faces of the game and all rank among the top 10 best-selling jerseys right now, based on’s Nike jersey sales since the end of the 2020 World Series. Here’s the full list of the top 20 .

No surprise, it’s full of Dodgers, since they are the World Series champions. Four current Dodgers players (plus a former Dodger, Hernández, from the title-winning team) are in the top 20 jerseys, more than any other team, and they have three of the top five. The Mets have three players represented, including their newest star, Lindor. The Yankees, Braves and Cardinals have two each.

Betts is leading the way after also having the most popular jersey of the 2020 season. It was the first time in his career with the MLB No. 1 jersey, and he is also the only player to place in the top five. Most popular National League and American League best jerseys (his AL top five came during his MVP Award season in 2018) since Major League Baseball began publishing jersey rankings.

A few other notable jerseys on the list: Lindor, who is at his highest spot on the list as he arrives in New York for his first season in a Mets uniform, and Arenado, who is already just outside the top 10. as he joins his new team, the Cardinals. And Trout, Betts’ rival on the Anaheim freeway? Rounding out the top 10 jerseys entering 2021, the Angels superstar has been on every most popular jersey list since his rookie season in 2012.

Neal T. Doss