The best MLB jerseys to buy in 2019

Some of us own too many baseball jerseys. We are suckers for that. I own more than I care to admit. But of course, a great jersey is more than just a piece of clothing. In fact, I buy a new one every year.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look at your 2019 hipster jersey – the guy whose jersey or shirsey will have the most cachet in your home park this year. It’s another way to identify the “coolest” player on the team.

With a few exceptions, these picks were made assuming you already have all the big names. Anyone can wear a Derek Jeter jersey (#2) at the stadium. Here are the ones that are the freshest for that specific year.

Blue Jays: Vladimir Guerrero Jr., No. 27
They may not be selling this in the team store just yet, but know that when he recovers from his oblique injury and reaches the Majors, they will have hundreds of them ready. Get them before everyone you know has one.

Orioles: Yusniel Diaz, #21
It’s a bit of a guess on the number, but if there’s one jersey that’s going to be popular in the next half-decade, it’s the Orioles’ best prospect.

Rays: Tommy Pham, No. 29
If you can get past his off-season comments about the Rays’ lack of fan enthusiasm, you might have some fun as a potential MVP contender this year.

Red Sox: Nathan Eovaldi, No. 17
Assuming you have the jersey of every other major Red Sox player, how about rewarding that incredible World Series performance by wearing that guy’s number on your back?

Yankees: Luke Sees, No. 45
Last fall’s popular hero has the starting job this year and retains cult hero status for a team that doesn’t easily produce many cult heroes.

Indians: Hanley Ramirez, No. 13
If Hanley has a successful comeback with the Indians, it will be one of the most enjoyable stories of the year.

Royals: Billy Hamilton, Number 6
The speedster will be the main reason to pay close attention to every second at Kauffman Stadium this year.

Tigers: Niko Goodrum, No. 28
He’s one of the young bright spots in a team that’s a few years away, and besides, he’s a great name.

Twins: Nelson Cruz, No. 23
It may only be one year, but what a fun year it will be.

White Sox: Eloy Jiménez, Number 6
It’s still a guess on the number — his 2018 Triple-A number, 16, is retired by the White Sox (Ted Lyons) — but, like Vlad Jr., everyone will get that jersey soon enough.

Astros: Michael Brantley, No. 23
Astros fans will love this silent veteran, but that’s assuming you already have your Alex Bregman (#2), Jose Altuve (#27), and George Springer (#4) jerseys.

Athletics: Matt Chapman, No. 26
You might already have this one, but there’s a feeling this MVP contender hasn’t fully broken through yet, so you can always get in early.

Sailors: Daniel Vogelbach, No. 20
Every Mariners fan worth their salt already has a No. 51 (Ichiro Suzuki) or No. 34 (Felix Hernandez) jersey or shirsey, so this is an alternative. Vogelbach has the physique of a beer leaguer, which makes him someone we can all relate to.

Rangers: money hunter, No. 47
In a gateway year, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a historical curiosity jersey like this.

Brave: Josh Donaldson, No. 20
This assumes you already have Ozzie Albies (#1), Ronald Acuna Jr. (#13), and Freddie Freeman (#5). But save some money for all those leads coming in next year.

Marlin: Curtis Grandson, No. 21
A way to honor one of baseball’s true greats at the end of his career. (Although he might be in a different uniform in August.)

Food: Robinson Cano, No. 24
This sweet swing is the epitome of baseball cool, and you’re sure to get plenty of wear out of it. Depending on the length of his contract and the likelihood of him being traded again, you’ll be able to wear this one for up to the year on the back of the jersey.

Nationals: Juan Soto, No. 22
The best way to recover from losing Bryce Harper is to get the next Bryce Harper’s jersey.

Phillies: Bryce Harper, No. 3
If you can fit in the jersey you buy this year when Harper’s contract expires in 2032, you’re a genetic miracle. Buy now >>

Brewers: Jesus Aguilar, No. 24
The Brewers have a ton of great uniform options, especially in throwback fashion, but Aguilar is irresistible.

Cardinals: Paul Goldschmidt, No. 46
And then cross your fingers that it’s not a relic in a year.

Cubs: David Bote, No. 13
The Cubs have plenty of good options (Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant), but these are pretty obvious (or you probably already have them). Impress your bleacher mates with everyone’s favorite adorable bench guy.

Hacker: Jameson Taillon, No. 50
As tempting as the Chris Archer jersey (#24) is, you really can’t go wrong with the team’s true ace.

D-back: adam jones, No. 10
The D-backs just said goodbye to a few of their big names (Goldschmidt, AJ Pollock, Patrick Corbin), so the newly acquired Jones becomes a great choice. He is perhaps the most enjoyable baseball player to cheer on.

Dodgers: Max Muncy, No. 13
I’m not even sure that Muncy family had a Muncy jersey before last year.

Giants: MacWilliamson, No. 51
Someone else whose shirt you might want, you probably already have it. And in case you haven’t noticed, this guy can hit the ball really hard and far.

Rockies: Nolan Arenado, No. 28
It’s very possible that you already own this one, but you can honor his extension by going out and buying his shirt again.

Neal T. Doss