Supply chain issues have delayed MLB uniform deliveries

Phillies fans noticed this weekend that their team was not wearing their usual cream-colored alternate uniforms, which they usually wear on Sundays. Some Phillies fans (like me) think they are the best of Phillies uniforms, so missing them was a personal affront.

It turns out that even an organization as big as the Phillies in Major League Baseball isn’t immune to supply chain issues in the apparel world. Fanatics, the team’s uniform supplier, was supposed to deliver the uniform in time for the first pitch, but there were complications with delays.

“They weren’t able to deliver the uniforms on time,” the Phillies executive vice president said.
Dave Buck said, according to “It’s a shame because our fans love them very much. But the supplier [Fanatics] is supported and does the best it can.”

The Phillies also tend to wear powder blue uniforms during midweek games, and were supposed to do so yesterday, but said those were also late, forcing the team to wear their red stripes. and normal white.

Fanatics, however, assured fans that the united was on the way.

The problem wasn’t just caused by shipping delays. MLB’s lockdown over the spring has delayed player action. Usually they are measured over several weeks well before the start of the season, but due to the lockdown they were only done over nine days so fanatics had to prioritize regular home and away shirts. outside.

Fanatics isn’t alone in this, but the company said in an online statement that “unforeseen circumstances” have delayed deliveries to customers in all states.

So the next time you need to explain to a customer that things might be taking a little longer than usual, just explain to them that even the big leaguers are also missing their orders.

Neal T. Doss