Rockies reveal City Connect uniforms and fans respond

While Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort seems to care about green only as the color of money, it works for his team’s new City Connect jerseys. That’s Conor McCormick-Cavanagh’s assessment of the new jerseys, posted by four of the Rockies’ players — Connor Joe, hometown hero Kyle Freeland, German Marquez and Ryan McMahon — on Loveland Pass.

MLB launched its City Connect program in 2021 to mix up alternate uniforms for teams. So these won’t be the Rockies’ primary outfits; these remain the purple and white uniforms. The Rockies will officially wear the jerseys for the first time on Saturday, June 4 in a game against the Atlanta Braves.

But in the meantime, in the Westword Facebook after the Rockies’ City Connect reveal, there’s a lot of talk about the new look…and Colorado license plates. John says:

Poor softball league, lots of beer, good times!

Add Otis:

It looks hideous! They’re like a minor league A baseball team uniform or a beer league softball team uniform… Well, at least Dinger, the worst team sports mascot, will get his color back origin 200 million years ago. .

Proposes Vanessa:

They look like Colorado license plates. Maybe the DMV designed them?

Kenneth asks:

I wonder if they have a red version? You know, for rentals!

Steven comments:

They look like a carton of Winston Salems menthol.

Todd observes:

Losing teams always pull out the gimmicks… Nice try, but that won’t distract us from the fact that the Rockies are still bad at baseball.

Sean adds:

These are as hideous as the attempts the Montforts made to become a winning organization. Guess we should just #EmbraceTheSuck.

Craig concludes:

The Montforts never tried to make the Rockies a winning organization. They are just milking the cash cow and being as cheap as possible.

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Neal T. Doss