Red Sox revival sets up misfire for MLB trade deadline

The redemption deadline is seven weeks away, so there’s still time to save it. A lot can happen between now and then to turn hopeful buyers into realistic sellers. Last year, the Nationals and Cubs saved that late day with trades from Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and more.

But for now, the man feels like deadline day will need another late nudge or two.

One executive named just seven teams as most likely sellers: A’s, Reds, Nats, Marlins, Tigers, Royals, Cubs. Half a dozen others can sell, including the Diamondbacks and Rockies, but most notably the Red Sox — with several stars who are free agents after the year — can basically be ruled out as sellers now.

Boston’s recent hot streak has taken a trio of big stars off the board as potential trade bait. Additionally, the expanded playoffs give teams unexpected postseason hope and are likely to remove many good or better players from trade consideration.

Anyone who had their eye on the Red Sox stars who are free agents – including shortstop Xander Bogaerts, DH JD Martinez and starter Nate Eovaldi – will surely have to look the other way now that they’re ranked No. 6. of the playoffs with a great recent pitch (0.92 ERA over the last eight starts).

“We’re much more like the team we thought we were last month,” Red Sox baseball manager Chaim Bloom wrote. “We felt we could fight from day one.”

While this mediocre group of teams behind Boston may seem less than inspiring, for now they remain on the cusp of the race, and so surely hope to be more buyers than sellers. For example, Rangers, rewarded for wisely bringing in former top prospect Martin Perez (the surprise AL ERA frontman), could end up buying.

Additionally, sources say the Marlins, while not a contender as of now, have no plans to deal with top starter Pablo Lopez. Miami has exceptional young pitchers and aspirations for the next year, and Lopez — who has upped his game and is a leader in the NL ERA — isn’t a free agent until 2024.

Xander Bogaerts #2 of the Boston Red Sox
The Red Sox turnaround likely means Xander Bogaerts is out of the trade market.
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Ranking the potency of commercial baits

1 (last week 1). Frankie Montas, A’s, PR: Has an ace arm.

2 (7). Willson Contreras, Cubs, C: Could the Giants or Crosstown Chisox fit?

3 (5). Luis Castillo, Reds, SP: Big arms. Still on the block, it seems.

4 (NR). Andrew Benintendi, Royals, OF: Something is right in KC

5 (8). Trey Mancini, O’s, 1B: Heroic O dealing with Expanded Camden.

6 (NR). David Robertson, Cubs, PR: Resurrected career.

7 (10). Josh Bell, Nationals, 1B: Shows a great year.

8 (NR). Michael Fulmer, Tigers, PR: Relievers will be in demand.

9 (6). Tyler Mahle, Reds, SP: Back in shape now (1.93 ERA over last three).

10 (NR). David Bednar, Pirates, PR: Have great season closing matches.

Off the list: Bogaerts, Eovaldi, Marcus Stroman, Bryan Reynolds.

Neal T. Doss