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Our team at San Diego Studio is very excited for tomorrow’s release of MLB The Show 22. In addition to new features, legends and feature programs that fans can look forward to, we are also celebrating this launch. with the release of a series of 101 videos. , Learn the show.

For new fans and old fans alike, this series puts you in the Coach class to provide the tools you need to improve your game on the diamond.

  • Have you ever wondered what kind of terrain you should use?
  • What about the power swing versus the contact swing?
  • What is a bullpen and why are my pitchers there?

Every weekday in April, we’ll be sharing a new Learn The Show video from this series on our social media channels (TwitterFacebook, Instagram and YouTube) to answer these questions and more, and will maintain an extensive library for your quick reference at

We have also been working on many new features for all of our fans whether returning or new. Here are some of the new additions to look forward to in MLB The Show 22:

Road To The Show and Ballplayer

We have received many comments from the community and are happy to confirm that we have addressed some of these requests. We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are.

  • You can create multiple ball players now. Take them beyond your personalized Road to the Show baseball RPG experience and customize your ballplayers to help you progress.
  • We have increased pitch flexibility. Total flexibility with your repertoire with our new height selection system.
  • Improved the variety of missions and progression opportunities through Ballplayer Programs, making it even easier for you to improve your ballplayer.
  • Updated and refreshed dynamic challenges, like bringing a runner home using a power swing or bringing a runner home using a normal swing. These are just a few examples of the new challenges and new rewards.

Gameplay: throw, hit and play

  • Extended difficulty spectrum to help our beginner fans: amateurs and minors
  • Fielding has been added to Custom Practice to allow you to double plays, steal home runs, and practice making perfect pitches to any base.
  • With PCI Lock, users can now select their PCI starting position from 9 separate slots to make it easier to get PCI where you want it.
  • Precision dynamic region perfect for pitching. This impacts how easily you can identify certain high or low locations in the strike zone
  • We’ve added hundreds of new animations for playing, throwing and catching.

Diamond Dynasty

  • The faces of the franchise players are back!
    • A 90 OVR player represents every MLB club in the first featured program of the year!
    • Play as you wish. Choose single or multiplayer modes to accomplish specific tasks.
    • Unlock 12 of 30 bosses by playing moments and missions.
  • Get ready for another exciting season of live content:
    • Play new programs rotating every few weeks to earn boss rewards.
    • Add unlockable animations and audio to customize your Diamond Dynasty team.
  • Look for roster updates based on real player performance.
  • The new mode, Mini Seasons, brings more immersive ways to play against the CPU with your Diamond Dynasty squad.
  • Diamond Dynasty has over 150 legends so you can find and create a dominant team to play with the all-time greats and stars of today.

Crossplay* and progression**

  • Invite friends and play across all PlayStation, Xbox and now Nintendo Switch platforms.
    • Create your MLB The Show account at and connect your PlayStation, Xbox and/or Nintendo Switch and you’re set.
    • While you’re creating your new linked account, be sure to sign up for The Scouting Report, so we can send you all the latest MLB The Show 22 information and subscribers also receive an exclusive pack every month starting in April. So go to to set up your account.
    • Earn and use any earned content on the platform and generation you choose***.

But that’s not all. Be sure to check out how MLB The Show 22 is bringing new commentary and online co-op play to players around the world.

We couldn’t be more excited for MLB The Show 22 to release on PlayStation, Xbox and now Nintendo Switch! MLB The Show 22 launches tomorrow, April 5. Get early access starting April 1, 2022 when you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition or MVP Edition.

For more information on MLB The Show 22, including an important year-over-year savings update, please read our FAQ here.

*Online multiplayer features require internet connection and console-specific online multiplayer subscription.

**Cross-platform progression requires an internet connection and for each platform you play on: 1) a copy of MLB The Show 22 game compatible with your console (other platform versions sold separately); and 2) a platform network account linked to your MLB The Show account.

***Coupons purchased on one gaming platform are not transferable to another.

Neal T. Doss