Polo Ralph Lauren x MLB Fall 2021 Collaboration Collection

The New York Yankees have seen their emblem become one of the most recognizable sports logos, transgressing its roots on the baseball field to become an American brand recognized around the world.

Ralph Lauren has been a lifelong Yankees fan, having grown up in the Bronx in the 1940s and 50s, so it was no surprise when he celebrated his brand’s 50th anniversary by throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the Yankee Stadium and collaborating with sports power.

Three years later, after signing a partnership with MLB, the 82-year-old fashion designer finds the team logo he loves next to his own.

For the second collection from Polo Ralph Lauren’s MLB partnership, the pattern can be found on a classic wool varsity jacket, pullover shirt, sweater and cardigan, all in the Yankees’ signature navy blue. No madras here, this is an understated and sophisticated polo line.

The American brand’s iconic polo pony has been replaced by the Yankee’s logo in this collection. However, another of Ralph Lauren’s animal advocates makes an appearance. Over the years we’ve seen the polo bear do everything from skateboarding to sailing and his latest sporting adventure is baseball. A pitcher for the Yankees, he can be seen halfway through throwing a baseball down the front of a woolen sweater.

Of all the American sports that have transitioned into fashion, none has had such a seamless transition as baseball. You’ve got everything from high-end Gucci collaborations to the timeless varsity jacket to choose from these days, with plenty of baseball-inspired shirts to go.

Then again, it’s hard to imagine many other Western sports doing the crossover so naturally. I guess cycling has more of a moment right now, and basketball gear is a perfect recreational sport, but you don’t really dress Polo. Plus, maybe it’s for the best: football shirts are very expensive these days, but not the kind of thing you’d want to wear on a daily basis (I can’t speak for Europe , however).

Find out how Ralph Lauren incorporated the iconic New York Yankees symbol into his designs for this collection below.

Neal T. Doss