Players concerned about MLB deals with gaming companies | Company

LOS ANGELES — The head of the baseball players’ association is concerned about the sport’s rise in commercial deals with sports betting companies.

A BetMGM Retail Sportsbook opened this year at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, and DraftKings is building a sportsbook slated to open next year at the southeast corner of Wrigley Field.

Union executive director Tony Clark was asked ahead of Tuesday’s All-Star Game if he was worried about gambling relationships, which have grown since the US Supreme Court ruled in 2018 to repeal the law on the protection of professional and amateur sports, which prohibited sports betting.

“Get? No. Is? Yeah. Was? Sure,” Clark told the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. “We are entering a very delicate and, dare I say, dangerous world here. We hope this is really beneficial for the future of our game and that everyone involved benefits. But when you have players who suggest that PASPA wasn’t repealed sooner, that they started having book houses following them on social media, that gets you a little nervous pretty quickly.

“And so we will continue to pound the pavement in each of the state legislatures that continue to press, that have language in place and those that don’t yet that are potentially online, to make sure that as much as any , our players are protected, and their families by extension, are protected due to the language that is in the books despite the fact that this train has left the station.

Neal T. Doss