Paraboot x All Triangles: MLB Collab, Release Info

Major League Baseball has become a regular source of inspiration for brands when it comes to sports-inspired collaborations in recent years, and I, for one, wholeheartedly agree.

While I’m not a fan of the sport myself – although I was a fairly proficient defensive player (terrible hitter) in my college days – MLB collaborations rarely disappoint. Take her varsity-style Ralph Lauren tie for Fall/Winter 2021, or her Gucci ensemble earlier this year, for example.

That being said – and I mean it – but an upcoming MLB-inspired collection, courtesy of Paraboot and creative agency All Triangles, might just be the best yet. Listen to me.

Titled “AT exp. On-Field Paraboot”, this ten-piece super-limited release features a collection of unique 1/1 Paraboot Michael silhouettes, which have been married with color variations and designs from the iconic caps of some of the greats. world names. renowned MLB sides.

Featuring the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves, each shoe took the All Triangles team approximately ten hours of intricate workmanship, through the full deconstruction-to-reconstruction process required by each silhouette. .

Naturally – as has become customary with modern releases – Paraboot x All Triangles comes with an NFT key.

The collection, which will be unveiled during Paris Men’s Fashion Week later this month, will be available to purchase via an NFT (details of which will be revealed in due course), and will then arrive with a digital twin 1/ 1 corresponding NFT, which is nice.

While a Web3 life might not be your chosen one, if you’re looking to stomp your local ballpark in style and panache, now there’s only one way to do it. Go geddem, champ.

Neal T. Doss