Nike Unveils MLB City Connect Jerseys for Kansas City Royals

The Nike MLB City Connect 2022 series returns with the Nike Kansas City Royals City Connect Jersey.

The Nike MLB City Connect Series is a celebration of each club’s personality, traditions and values ​​that bring its fans together. Each design pays homage to the club’s rich history while pushing the boundaries of what a baseball uniform can be.

The Nike Kansas City Royals City Connect Uniform is inspired by the city’s stunning bodies of water and created with the same touch and boldness. On April 30, this outfit will make its court premiere, giving every viewer a chance to experience the Royal treatment.

The City of Fountains is known worldwide for its magnificent aquatic monuments. The Nike Kansas City Royals City Connect Uniform is created in the same bright and bold style as the rest of the team’s gear. A design of a fountain waterfall sits in the center, inspired by Kansas City’s renowned art deco aesthetic. It has a crown that pays homage to the city’s rich baseball tradition. Powder blue and white stripes around the sleeve openings recall vintage jerseys from the 1970s and 1980s. Meanwhile, a tribute to the city’s more than 200 water fountains can be found above the jock tag. This uniform, with its striking style and unique features, makes every fan feel like a Royal and proudly wear their blue.

Nike MLB City Connect fan apparel, which includes authentic and replica jerseys, sweatshirts and t-shirts for men and women, will be available at retail after the reveal. The Nike Kansas City Royals Nike MLB City Connect Series Jersey will be available April 25 on the Nike App and, as well as at select outlets and the MLB Flagship Store (NYC).

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