NFL and MLB start selling ‘Harambe’ jerseys again

Harambe lives.

A day after the NFL and MLB apparently banned the sale of custom-made jerseys with “HARAMBE” nameplates, league stores continued to allow shoppers to purchase merchandise bearing the slain gorilla’s name.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports that the temporary ban stems from a complaint from an unidentified Major League Baseball team that feared fans were ordering jerseys bearing Harambe’s name, after he died at the Cincinnati Zoo more early this year. A Fanatics employee then “proactively” added his name to a wordlist that is instantly rejected when ordering custom jerseys, a list that includes other swear words and explicit phrases.

The name was later added to the list of banned terms for other leagues, including the NFL.

On Thursday morning, Fanatics decided Harambe didn’t belong on the list and removed it – but not before some sports teams honored the fallen gorilla.

Alex Hider is a national desk writer for EW Scripps. Follow him on Twitter @alexhider.

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