New MLB jerseys for 2020 feature a distracting Nike swoosh logo to the chest

Billy from “School of Rock” said it best: “You’re nerdy and I hate you.”

We all think the same when looking at Nike’s new MLB jerseys for the 2020 season. An agreement was announced in January between MLB, the Fanatics and Nike, making the league Nike the on-field partner and official jersey supplier. uniforms.

Nike’s first batch of jerseys have started rolling out and, my god, talk about being pretentious. The jerseys feature a distracting swoosh logo to the upper right chest.

The A’s and Giants jerseys will remain the same apart from the Nike logo on the chest.

That’s a big difference from Majestic, the former MLB jersey supplier. In years past, a small logo was placed on the left sleeve.

But Uni-Watch’s Paul Lukas says MLB sold the chest space to Nike at a higher price.

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Some fans are understandably upset by the changes while others are ambivalent, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The NBA began placing sponsorships on its jerseys beginning with the 2017-18 season. The NFL does the same for its practice jerseys.

While baseball is one of the most “mainstream” sports and often behind the times, don’t be shocked if sponsors soon find their way onto MLB jerseys.

Neal T. Doss