Nestor Cortes debuts mustache cleats ahead of 2022 MLB All-Star Game

New York Yankees left-hander Nestor Cortes has previously informed fans that he plans to ‘go rogue’ in the 2022 MLB All-Star Game. While most assumed he was referring to his unorthodox pitch presentation , that’s not the only unique aspect Cortes will bring to the Midsummer Classic. Ahead of his very first All-Star appearance, Cortes showed off the amazing cleats he’ll be wearing, and of course, they sport his signature mustache, via Talkin’ Yanks.

Cortes’ cleats are a dazzling gold and white, something that will grab everyone’s attention when he steps onto the mound. The perfect touch comes in the heel, however, as he has put a tribute to his beloved and now famous mustache on the back of the cleats.

Not only will hitters have to deal with Cortes’ wobbly pitching delivery, which we’re sure they’ll play with frequently when he appears, but they’ll also have to try to avoid getting caught staring at the mesmerizing studs. .

The cleats were designed by @SolesBySir and are, of course, custom made for Cortes.

Fans are sure to appreciate the hilarious design studs. Considering there’s absolutely no shot these would be approved for use in an official MLB game, seeing the mustachioed southpaw wearing them in the All-Star Game is the next best thing.

Cortes has been sensational for the Yankees in 2022, going 7-3 with a 2.63 ERA. He fanned 99 batters in 95.2 innings and walked 22 batters. This will be the 27-year-old’s first All-Star appearance, and he’s making sure he stands out with his hairy shoe choice.

Neal T. Doss