NBA jersey sponsors and why some are perfect for their city — Quartz

The National Basketball Association’s 2021-22 season kicked off this week with a slate of marquee games designed to bring fans back to the arenas. It’s the first season since 2019 that the league has held games in arenas almost entirely, now that covid-19 cases have slowed in some cities and vaccines are widespread in the United States.

Since the league is no longer playing games in a bubble or empty arenas and the fans are once again part of the show, we can focus on some of the more fun details of the game. This includes paying attention to sponsors who pay to rent a small advertising space on each player’s shoulder. This year’s list of shirt sponsors represents a wide range of business interests which are, in many cases, aligned with the city and team the company has chosen to represent.

According to a report, NBA sponsorship revenue has grown 70% since the introduction of the jersey patch option in 2017, with some jersey sponsorship deals exceeding $15 million annually. From crypto exchanges to banks and even food companies, the cohort of companies gracing the chests of your favorite NBA stars is a mix of historic names and obscure brands you’ve probably never heard of. Note: The Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards have yet to confirm sponsors for the new jersey.

NBA team Jersey Sponsor What theyre doing vibration
Atlanta Hawks Sharecare Health care Live fast, live young
Boston Celtics Vistaprint custom branding Bookish beast mode
brooklyn nets Webbull stock and crypto exchange Start-ups and renovations
Charlotte Hornets LendingTree online loans promises, promises
Chicago Bulls Zenni Optics eyeglasses Jordan gone, take the Lasik
Cleveland Cavaliers Good year tires Blue collar and proud
Dallas Mavericks Carillon online banking young money
Denver nuggets Western Union money transfers Gold in these hills
Detroit Pistons United Wholesale Mortgage mortgage lender Return, rebuild, return
Golden State Warriors Rakuten e-commerce, shopping The future
Houston Rockets credit karma credit scores Analytics as culture
Indiana Pacers Motorola mobile hardware and software Hoosier Technology
Los Angeles Clippers Dear e-commerce discounts The B-list, baby!
Los Angeles Lakers Bibigo South Korean food brand Hollywood Squid Games
Memphis Grizzlies To be determined
miami heat Kronos Ultimate Group HR software “Florida Man” in the Cloud
Milwaukee dollars Motorola mobile hardware and software Cold Brew Champions
Minnesota Wolves Will have data security blue computer
New Orleans Pelicans Ibotta e-commerce discounts Seems sketchy, but legit
New York Knicks square space website builder 404 error, but Broadway!
Oklahoma City Thunder love stores convenience stores Family first
Orlando Magic disney world amusement park Smoke and mirrors
Philadelphia 76ers crypto exchange FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt)
Phoenix Suns PayPal online payments cash desert
Portland Trail Blazers StormX crypto ecommerce offers Money loot on the internet
Sacramento Kings Numeric keypad voice and video communications In the weeds, but relevant
San Antonio Spurs Frost Bank banking Boring and proud
Toronto Raptors Sun Life Financial life insurance At least Drake loves us
Utah Jazz Qualtrics online data analysis Nerds ‘R Us
Washington Wizards To be determined

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