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This morning, Major League Baseball and Nike officially unveiled the uniforms that baseball’s top players will wear next week at the 2022 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium.

As was the case last season, players will NOT wear their regular team uniforms during the match. This practice, which spanned approximately nine decades of Major League Baseball All-Star games, ceased after the 2019 Cleveland All-Star Game. Replaced with league-specific designs with room to allow recognition of the team these players are currently playing for.

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This year’s designs have an overarching golden theme, “inspired by the fame and fortune of the ‘City of Angels,'” the Nike release reads.

All National League jerseys will be white (because they are on the home side), while American League teams will wear dark gray. Wordmarks for individual team shirts are laid out on each player’s chest – NL clubs with their usual home shirt logos and AL teams with their roads. These logos are all recolored in gold and adorned with a thin black line – the idea for this design is “taken from the golden shine of Hollywood award shows”. The 2022 All-Star Game logo is on the right sleeve, with a star patch on the left.

On the back of the jersey, the player names and numbers are, like the logos on the front, gold and trimmed in black and appear to use a standard block font rather than each team’s unique player name or numbering style. The MLB “Batteryman” silhouette logo is black/gold/black. The colors of the pants will match those of the base jersey color of each league.

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Now, let’s look at the design of each team, starting with the American League:

And now the National League:

Let’s move on to the game’s caps, which were previously published in June, they are all black (regardless of league) with the team’s usual cap logo on the front of the crown in gold with a single gold star on the side. The back half of the cap is mesh, or “trucker style,” with a 2022 All-Star Game logo patch on the right side.


And now to the whole league:

I love what the Oakland A’s did with their star there.

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Of course, players will also wear unique socks for the game. AL and NL players will have the same Stance design, a black (or dark gray) sock with three white horizontal stripes and the 2022 All-Star Game logo in gold on the front.

2022 MLB All-Star Game Player Socks

For All-Star Workout events prior to the main event (such as Home Run Derby and All-Star Practice), players will wear caps (still mesh-backed, trucker-style) designed to look more like their usual designs from regular season caps. Pair with every player’s regular team uniform. Here they are:

The Home Run Derby also has its own socks, because… why not?

Custom sock designs for players to wear in the 2022 Home Run Derby

The 2022 MLB All-Star Game logo is a direct copy of the one initially unveiled for the 2020 game (discarded due to the COVID-19 pandemic), just with the last 0 of the year swapped for a 2. It shows the hexagonal shape of the famous Dodger Stadium scoreboard with a Hollywood-style font on it.

“We really wanted to capture the idea or the essence of Hollywood’s Golden Age,” said Anne Occi, Major League Baseball’s vice president of design services (now retired). told SportsLogos.Net in July 2019. “We wanted to understand that there’s so much going on there and it’s so prestigious to be there.”

On the front of the logo is an “ALL*STAR GAME” wordmark in a white deco font with gold elements helping to push it into a third dimension, the year of the event is placed below with the The famous Dodgers “LA” cap logo above serving as both a nod to the host team and the host city, all in one convenient icon. To emphasize the gold elements, two highlights on the gold trim around the large star in the middle.

2022 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Logo

“There’s a lot of glitter here,” Occi added at the time. “It’s in a special way, though; I don’t think it’s garish, I don’t think it’s overdone. It’s just the edge of everything that’s presented, but it gives us that opportunity to make things shine.

Perhaps what stands out the most about the logo is the small red six-pointed star between “ALL” and “STAR” on the main wordmark; aside from the MLB logo, it is the only red featured in the logo. This is an intentional nod to Los Angeles Dodgers uniform.

“On the front of the Dodgers jersey you have that signature red number all by itself, and we were able to take that star and make it into something that was kind of iconic for the color of the logo.”

Here you can read my full interview with Anne Occi on the creation of the MLB All-Star Game 2022 (then 2020) logo.

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This will be the fourth time the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise has hosted an All-Star Game and the second time it has been played at Dodger Stadium (before 1980). The 92nd Major League Baseball All-Star Game will take place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif., on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

Neal T. Doss