MLB The Show 22, Nintendo Switch Sports and Minecraft “Switch My Way” Advertisement

Original: Another “Switch My Way” commercial is available, this time featuring MLB The Show 22 and Nintendo Switch Sports. As you can see, Nintendo has decided to create an advertisement dedicated specifically to these sports titles.

Here is some information about the two games:

MLB The Show 22

– Create and use multiple Ballplayers, beyond your personalized Road to the Show baseball RPG experience, and customize your Ballplayers however you like to help you progress.
– Diamond Dynasty is back and better than ever! Play, collect and grow your collection of fantasy cards and bring the diamond to life. Try out the new Mini Seasons mode, where each season brings new challenges as you take on a new set of competitions!
– Compete against your friends with cross-platform play. With cross-progression, continue your progress and earn and use content on other console platforms.
– Getting on the plate for the first time? Customize your experience with playstyles and two new difficulty settings to help you master the basics.
– New intro layouts deliver the most immersive stadium experience yet.
– Play from March to October in your style, with updated fashion tools to use custom uniforms, logos and created stadiums.
– Live out your dream baseball games with new legends joining the diamond.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Swing, kick and jab your way to victory with Nintendo Switch Sports, a sports collection for Nintendo Switch that puts you right in the action!

Compete in six sports, including volleyball, soccer and bowling, with real-world movements that model your in-game actions.

Tennis: Rally by gently swinging the Joy-Con controller at the right moment.

Bowling: roll the ball straight or give it a slight curve.

Chambara: Knock your opponent off the platform by attacking and defending.

Football: Use a gigantic ball to make dynamic plays. Enjoy matches with Joy-Con controllers to film and perform Diving Headers. By attaching a Joy-Con controller to the Leg Strap accessory (sold separately), you can play Shoot-out mode with intuitive kicking motions.

Badminton: Control your shots left and right while keeping the shuttle in the air. Swing left and right while keeping the shuttlecock in the air. Unleash powerful smash shots to gain the upper hand!

Volleyball: Use a Joy-Con controller to serve, kick, set, and kick the ball.

Play together in person or online with family and friends, or challenge players around the world. As well as customizing your avatar with items collected while playing online, there are all kinds of fun ways, like testing your skills in the Pro League where you can try to increase your rank by winning in the different sports.

Take a look at the MLB The Show 22 and Nintendo Switch Sports “Switch My Way” ad below.

MLB The Show 22 and Nintendo Switch Sports are available now.

Update: The “Switch My Way” ads don’t stop, because now we have one for Minecraft too – check it out below.

Neal T. Doss