MLB The Show 22: Diamond Dynasty Features

This year, MLB The Show 22 brings several new packs, features, content upgrades, gameplay interactions, and more to Diamond Dynasty fans.

With its release on April 5, MLB The Show 22 gave fans another complete title with brand new features for Diamond Dynasty mode. Unlike some other franchises, like the recent mad titles, Sony San Diego has been consistent in the features offered to gamers each year. It’s a compelling package all around, with current-gen hardware making it look great and new Diamond Dynasty features rounding out the package. This year, MLB The Show 22 offers several new packs, features, content upgrades, gameplay interactions and more for Diamond Dynasty fans.

Prior to the game’s launch, players could receive new maps for the Diamond Dynasty mode as a pre-order bonus. This system had MLB the show 22 grant bonuses per edition. The standard edition offered players five The show packs. The MVP Edition offered players one Diamond Choice Pack, two Gold Choice Packs, ten The show Packs and a Ballplayer pack. The Digital Deluxe Edition offered players one Diamond Choice Pack, one Shohei Ohtani Diamond Choice Pack, five Gold Choice Packs, 20 The show Packs and a Ballplayer pack. Each of these packs provides a new range of cards, allowing players to customize their teams with thousands of players.


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In addition to the bundles offered, there are new types of bundles and events in Diamond Dynasty. MLB The Show 22 partners with Nike for the Nike City Connect program. The program will allow players to do a special conquest that will unlock special in-game experience and team jerseys. Although the program is not exclusive to Diamond Dynasty and does offer rewards for Face of the Franchise , it contains several hidden rewards that could help players with their Diamond Dynasty teams according to The Show. In addition to the login program, there are also new Headliners packs that allow players to shoot legends new and old in The Show 22 from packs. There will be other events in the coming months of the game’s lifecycle and San Diego Studio has hinted at upcoming hidden bosses in some of these events.

New packs and events aren’t the only additions

Among the coolest additions, the Supercharged Player maps are brand new to MLB The Show 22. They add a topical dimension to card collection mode where real player performances are turned into player cards. These cards briefly build strength and fall back to expected levels after a particularly stellar performance by a player. They offer dynamic changes in player attributes that can be a complete game-changer for Diamond Dynasty players. In fact, Major League Baseball’s opening day saw several players become Supercharged.

Finally, the MLB The Show 22’s new features will come with all kinds of equipment for players to enjoy. The Show 22 has over 1,400 live series players, over 190 legends and flashback uniforms, over 300 uniforms, over 60 stadiums, over 20 bat skins and over 300 other types of equipment. There’s also the promise of more content to come after the first month of launch and deeper into the game’s lifecycle, according to Sony San Diego. All of these new features will make Diamond Dynasty more fun for long-time players and those new to MLB The Show 22.

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Source: The Show, Sony San Diego/YouTube

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