MLB The Show 21: Franchise Mode Survival Guide

MLB The Show 21 has been rolling since the title was released, and that includes the improved Franchise mode.

With so many different factors to keep in mind, this Franchise Mode Survival Guide has everything you need to chart your way to World Series victory in MLB The Show 21.

Last – What is the best team to use in Franchise Mode?

If you’re having trouble deciding which team to run with in Franchise Mode, or which to use as a base for your custom team, there are a few examples to choose from.

As defending World Series champions, it’s no surprise that the Los Angeles Dodgers are ranked as the best team in Franchise mode when using default rosters.

START AT THE TOP: Using Dodgers will immediately give you control

However, several others have major strengths in various areas, and you can check out our list to see which teams will give you an advantage when it comes to hitting, throwing, budgeting, and more.

MLB Franchise Mode The Show 21

Franchise mode in MLB The Show 21 takes place over multiple seasons, and ultimately you try to lead your team to as much success as possible.

Whether you start with something completely new and use a custom roster or choose your favorite team to try and take their current club to the World Series, there’s a lot to decide when you start the franchise.

How to Create a Custom Team in Franchise Mode

While you can always just pick a current MLB team and head into Franchise Mode with them as they currently are, you also have the option of creating your dream team instead.

DREAM TEAM: Build the team you want to take to the World Series

If you want to use a custom team in Franchise Mode, you must first choose an existing team in MLB The Show 21 to use as a base, so keep that in mind if you’re creating custom rosters for a specific team before launching. Franchise Mode.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can select your team details, use the logo vault or create a new logo, change all team uniform details and even choose your stadium.

ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZATION: Change every detail of your team

If you’re on a next-gen console, the stadium selection even includes Stadium Creator, and you can put your custom baseball fields into Franchise mode.

Keep in mind that these details will be set once you start in Franchise Mode and cannot be changed later.

How to Use the Logo Vault in MLB The Show 21

If you don’t have the patience or desire to create your own logo but still want something unique, head over to the Logo Vault and search for something that catches your eye.

ALL ABOUT BRANDING: choose from the logo vault or create your own logo

There are thousands of logos in the Logo Vault, and once you find one you like, you need to select it and save it to your system.

Once saved, you will need to import this logo each time you edit your team logo or edit uniforms by choosing to edit logo and then manually importing the saved logo.

Fresh Yarns: Add your logo to home and away uniforms.

When doing this for uniforms, it can be helpful to move the logo around the empty space and adjust its size to place your custom logo exactly where you want it on the custom uniforms.

Is it better to manage tasks manually or automatically?

Most of the decisions you make when building your franchise in MLB The Show 21 will come down to personal preference and how you intend to play.

If you want to manage every detail in Franchise Mode, from listing to scouting and more, set each of the tasks to Manual.

AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT: you can let Franchise manage the details for you

However, you can set things to Auto-Manage and let the game make those decisions for you if you’d rather just focus on gameplay.

How you decide to manage tasks can be changed at any time in the Franchise Mode options.

Which options are best in Franchise mode?

There are several options to choose from in Franchise Mode, and some of them will be set in stone at the start of your Franchise.

PLAY YOUR WAY: Options can completely change the experience

However, there is no definitive best set of options, as each of them works well depending on how you want Franchise mode to work for you.

Be sure to take each one into account, as they cannot be changed once your deductible is in progress.

How to Control Minor League Clubs in Franchise Mode

Franchise mode in MLB The Show 21 will also allow you to manage your Double-A and Triple-A minor league baseball teams in addition to your main Major League team.

MiLB THE SHOW: Trade to Control Your Minor League Teams

When you’re on this main Franchise Mode screen, take a look at the bottom right where it says “(R)MLB” in green.

Flick the right stick left or right and you’ll switch to your minor league teams, which you can then play or edit as your major league team.

THE FUTURE OF FRANCHISING: Manage your leads before they’re called

When you’re done with your minor league clubs, use the same method to switch back to your major league team, and keep in mind that you can allow franchise mode to simulate your minor league teams if you prefer.

How to fake or manage quickly during games

While you still have the option to play every game in Franchise mode, some players will prefer to simulate a large portion of it and only play key games or moments.

If you want to manage a game from game to game as it unfolds, choose Play Full Game, then go to Quick Management from the pause menu once the game has started.

TAKE CONTROL: Speed ​​things up while staying focused

From here you can simulate single games or full rounds or half rounds, and at any time you can stop the simulation and come back into the game to do things yourself.

You can also head to the schedule and sim far in advance throughout the season, and the game will prompt you to jump into critical moments by default.

JUMP FORWARD: you can simulate an entire season if you wish

You can always refuse to enter these moments, disable critical moments, and continue the simulation while telling Franchise Mode to handle things automatically.

Neal T. Doss