MLB teams will celebrate the holidays in style in 2018 with these jerseys, socks and caps

Monday, MLB unveiled the uniforms teams will wear for five events in 2018: Jackie Robinson Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend and Independence Day Weekend. That’s a lot of caps, uniforms and socks to sort through, but we did it anyway. Here are our favorite items for the holidays and special events of 2018:
Brims of Independence Day weekend caps
The logo on the front of the caps is familiar: a star-studded version of the team’s usual logo. But, hidden under the edge is the beginning of the preamble to the United States Constitution:

Of course, the Blue Jays play in Canada, so it wouldn’t make much sense to put the Constitution on their caps for the weekend. Instead, their caps will pay homage to Canada:

The Sailors and Brewers Independence Day Weekend Jerseys
All teams except the Blue Jays – again, Canada – have an Independence Day weekend jersey with star-studded versions of their logo and numbers. What’s different about the Mariners and Brewers is that their blue lettering with a red outline really pops on a white jersey:

Angel Father’s Day caps
For Father’s Day, all teams will wear blue-tinted caps in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, but only one team will retain a red brim and red logo on their light blue caps: The Angels. Red contrast makes blue even better:

The Royals’ Memorial Day weekend jerseys
In honor of those who have lost their lives serving their country, each team will sport a camouflage cap and matching jersey. While most of these jerseys will be white or gray with camo font, the Royals will wear a royal blue jersey which works surprisingly well with camo font:

The Phillies Mother’s Day Cap
For Mother’s Day, players will wear pink cleats, swing pink bats and wear pink hats to help raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Brim color will vary by team, but caps with navy blue brims and a red outline on the logos look especially sharp. In addition to the Phillies cap below, the Brewers and Dodgers will also feature this palette.

all socks
Tall socks are always great, and that’s no less true during holidays and special events. As such, all of the offers are fantastic. However, socks for Jackie Robinson Day and Memorial Day weekend deserve a special mention.
The beauty of these lies in their simplicity. The black, gray and white of the sock bring out the blue of the ’42’ logo:

The Memorial Day weekend sock is busier with the camo theme, but has a nice touch of five stars stitched in just above the ankle, representing the five branches of the US military:

These items and many more will be coming soon to! Proceeds will be donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation (Jackie Robinson Day), Susan G. Komen (Mother’s Day), Prostate Cancer Foundation (Father’s Day), Stand Up To Cancer (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) and MLB Charities (Memorial Day and Independence Day) – used to support military, veterans and military family programs.

Neal T. Doss