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With the MLB draft in the rearview mirror, the Red Raider baseball roster is starting to take shape for next season.

The Red Raiders lost Jace Jung to the Tigers (12th overall), Andrew Morris to the Twins (114th overall), Brandon Birdsell to the Cubs (143rd overall), Chase Hampton to the Yankees (190th overall) and austin becker to the Rockies (476th overall).

With several pitchers selected this year, the Red Raiders have extended their streak of exploits dating back to 2011.

On the recruitment side, the Red Raiders have lost the No. 90 rookie Travis Sander#306 Zane Petty, and New Mexico Player of the Year Nolan Perry the third day of the draft.

The Red Raiders had the fourth-most draft picks in the conference with Oklahoma leading with 11, the most in the nation.


After the draft, the view of the Texas Tech recruiting class is very positive, and it will be remarkable if any of the three draft recruits decide to head to campus this fall rather than sign their professional contract, especially the 100 Sanders’ best recruits.

The Red Raiders roster will look very different next season, but the additions of Jeric Curtis and Gage Harrelson should be a huge difference maker with his speed and punching abilities as stated earlier.

With the luck Texas Tech received throughout the draft, the No. 12 recruiting class will remain virtually intact.

Returning players:

On the side of the returning players, things are also starting to take shape as Ty Coleman and Cole Stillwell were not drafted and will likely return to Texas Tech for their final years of eligibility.

The returning roster, including transfers, looks very exciting with plenty of young hitting prowess while lacking in throwing depth after all four selected pitchers left this weekend.

Austin Becker’s signing case is an interesting one and will likely depend on how much money from the signing bonus pool the Rockies will have for him. With a slot value of $125,000 and two seasons of college eligibility remaining, Becker could come back to do something very similar to what Birdsell did last season and improve his draft stock immensely.

Another interesting case is that of Matt Hickey, the Tarelton State transfer right-hander who was selected in the 15th round. Hickey, the side-armed flamethrower, will have to choose between signing for that $125,000 or going to Texas Tech for his final season of eligibility.

Both players will have until August 1 at 5 p.m. ET to make their decisions.

On Tuesday night, good news arrived for 3B graduate Parker Kelly, who reportedly signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Rockies.

Concluding with a fun exercise as the calendar begins to shift towards football season:

Far too early 2023 Starting lineup:

CF Gage Harrelson

C Hudson White

1B Cole Stillwell

DH Ty Coleman

RF Owen Washburn

3B Gavin Kash

2B Kevin Bazzell

LF Zac Vooletich/Jeric Curtis

SS Cade McGarrh

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