MLB Players’ Weekend features new uniforms and nicknames

At the end of August, Major League Baseball players will have the opportunity to show their personality. Players’ Weekend is back, and it promises stylish uniforms, more social media presence than ever, and entertaining player nicknames. Want to know which player will be impersonating ‘Scoots McGoots’ during the festivities? Of course you do.

But before we get into the details, here are the details. Players Weekend will take place from August 23-25. In addition to nicknames on jerseys, players will be allowed to use custom designs for various pieces of equipment, including cleats, batting gloves, bats and catcher’s gear.

Over the weekend, the mobile device policy will be much more relaxed. Players will be able to use smartphones and tablets on the field or in the dugout until the national anthem. Before and after games, players have the option of wearing a shirt highlighting a cause or charity of their choice.

A number of MLB stars have been named Players’ Weekend Ambassadors for the festivities. They will be responsible for representing and leading their clubs. There will be 30 ambassadors in total, one representing each team. Ronald Acuña Jr., Pete Alonso, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts, Alex Bregman and Hunter Pence are among the players who will act as ambassadors over the weekend.

What will these players be wearing when they hit the pitch? We’re glad you asked. Players will wear monochromatic all-black or all-white uniforms. The jerseys were designed by Majestic. The caps were designed by New Era. The uniform socks were again made by Stance. Rawlings created special all-white and all-black batting helmets to match the uniforms.

Black Stance Socks will be worn with black uniforms on Players Weekend. Teams wearing all-white uniforms will also wear white batting gloves. (Pictures via MLB)

The colorful uniforms are gone, but there’s a reason for that. Making the new uniforms monochromatic was done to draw more attention to custom player-designed gear and accessories. Bryce Harper’s colorful shoes – which we’ll assume are coming – will stand out a bit if his entire uniform is black. All Players Weekend jerseys will be auctioned off. Proceeds will go to the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation.

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for: player nicknames. There are far too many to list here, so we will only highlight a few.

  • Mike Trout will go through “KIIIIID” again. Josh Donaldson will wear his usual “BRINGER OF RAIN”. Mookie Betts will simply go by “MOOKIE”. Javier Baez will be “EL MAGO”.

  • Francisco Lindor is one of many players who decided to add emojis to his uniform. His jersey will have a smiley face emoji, followed by “MR. SMILE,” followed by another smiley face emoji. Milwaukee Brewers reliever Jeremy Jeffress will go with a bread emoji and a butter emoji on the back of his jersey. uniform. Tampa Bay Rays infielder Eric Sogard goes with “NERD POWER”, but the “O” will be replaced with the nerd emoji. Hunter Pence just goes with “¯_(ツ)_/ ¯.”

  • Braves reliever Jerry Blevins invokes Jerry Springer with his nickname “JER-RY JER-RY JER-RY”. Luke Jackson goes with “SKYWALKER,” while Sean Doolittle, closer to the Washington Nationals, goes with “OBI-SEAN.” Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Jon Duplantier picked “DUP THERE IT IS.” Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash goes with “ROCCO’S SEAT WARMER,” which may have something to do with Cash’s friendly feud with Minnesota Twins manager Rocco Baldelli.

  • Toronto Blue Jays rookie star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will go by the name “EL K.”

Vlad Guerrero Jr. will pass by "EL K"  Players weekend.  (Photo by Todd Olszewski/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Vlad Guerrero Jr. will be going through “EL K” during Players’ Weekend. (Getty Pictures)

  • Whereas we would normally be tough on a player who puts his real last name on the back of his jersey for Players’ Weekend. It’s hard to fault D-Backs reliever Marc Rzepcynski, who went with “ZEP-CHIN-SKI” so everyone knew how to pronounce his name.

  • As for “SCOOTS McGOOTS,” it belongs to Kansas City Royals pitcher Scott Barlow. Hope someone asks where this came from.

This is the third year in a row that MLB has celebrated Players’ Weekend.

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