MLB Jerseys: Authentic or Imitations

Authentic MLB jerseys are easily distinguished from counterfeits. Always look for the Majestic brand before purchasing your baseball jerseys. (Addie Blacker)

Knockoff MLB jerseys are less expensive than the genuine option, but knockoff manufacturers cut costs to keep prices low, and the end product will be a lesser replica of what your favorite players are wearing. By spending a little more money, you can wear what your favorite players wear, regardless of your baseball skills.

When looking to spot a counterfeit, first look at the MLB logo which is above the player’s name on the back of the jersey. Companies that produce counterfeit jerseys have trouble matching the MLB patches found on genuine jerseys. This patch should feature the silhouette of a baseball player with a baseball directly to the left of the player. The majority of the background of this patch is blue, however, the top right corner of the patch is red. This patch should have rounded edges connected by straight lines, forming a rectangle. Make sure the patch itself isn’t faded – the colors should be vibrant.

The MLB patch is a multicolored patch that features the silhouette of a baseball player with a baseball directly to his left. (Addie Blacker)

Another easy way to spot the difference between genuine and fake jerseys is to simply look at the color of the jersey. Counterfeit jerseys tend to be faded, usually darker than genuine jerseys. Before buying your jersey, research what you want to buy so you can see what color it is supposed to be.

When comparing the names and numbers on the back of the jerseys, note that authentic jerseys are sewn. Some counterfeit jerseys will come with heat pressed vinyl names and numbers. In most cases, each letter and number will have more than one layer of coloring, so multiple colors are stacked on top of each other to form the letters and numbers.

Letters and numbers, in most cases, consist of several colors stacked on top of each other. (Addie Blacker)

On the lower left corner of the front of the jersey you will find the official Majestic patch. This patch will say “designed exclusively for” at the top and “Major League bBeball” at the bottom. The middle of this label will look different depending on the type of jersey you purchased, but it will say either ‘Authentic’ or ‘Majestic’.

In addition to the Majestic patch present on the bottom of the jersey, another Majestic patch will be present on the left sleeve of the jersey. This patch is fabric, not vinyl, and is sewn, not printed, onto the fabric of the jersey.

Cool Base MLB jerseys will always have a license tag on the front of the jersey. Look near the waist for this label. (Addie Blacker)

The size is on the neckline of the jersey. Make sure your jersey has the Majestic logo, as well as an MLB logo with “authentic merchandise” printed underneath. This tag has three sections – a section for the Majestic logo, a second section for “authentic merchandise” and a third section for sizing. Each section is separated by a vertical line.

There are two main types of Majestic MLB jerseys – Authentic and Cool Base. Cool Base jerseys look like what the players wear, but are made with different materials and fit a more generic body type. The Authentic range of jerseys are made in the same way as the jerseys worn by the players, with the same fit and fabric. Both jerseys are MLB licensed, so don’t let the word “authentic” fool you.

Cool Base jerseys are usually around $120, while authentic jerseys are around $250.

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Neal T. Doss