Mets Farm System ranked 5th in MLB by ESPN

Francisco Alvarez, photo by Rick Nelson

It’s been a good week or so for the New York Mets who were very hot coming out of all-star break, and they won four out of five games in a huge series win over the Atlanta Braves this weekend.

As good as the present looks right now, however, the future looks just as bright with the Mets ranking high in The latest farming systems rankings from ESPN.

Updated after the trade deadline and the 2022 MLB Draft, the Mets were ranked 5th by ESPN behind the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Guardians, Tampa Bay Rays and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Considering the Mets were ranked 18th before the season started, that’s a pretty impressive climb up the rankings.

The fact that three of the top four teams are in rebuilding mode, while the Mets are in winning mode now, but have still been able to really stock their farm system with a plethora of top-end talent is also impressive.

Phenomenon sensor Francisco Alvarez obviously highlights this crop as the highest-ranked prospect in the game, but Alvarez is just the tip of the iceberg.

third baseman Brett Batywas called to Triple-A Monday is also a big reason for the Mets’ rapid rise in the standings, as is the shortstop Ronny Mauricio, flyers Alex Ramirez and Marc Vientosand right-handed pitcher Matt Allan.

In other words, the farming system is currently teeming with elite talent that could have a huge impact in the majors.

Álvarez has raked all year and is currently hitting .258/.366/.531 with 23 homers, 20 doubles, 53 walks and 63 RBIs in 391 plate appearances between Double-A and Triple-A. Baty, meanwhile, cuts .312/.406/.544 with 19 home runs, 22 doubles, 46 walks and 59 RBIs and a hot July led to his promotion to Triple-A.

And ESPN’s high ranking was only helped by what was seen by many pundits as a July draft home run. The Mets entered the draft with five top-90 picks and four of those top-five picks, all featured in Keith Law (Athleticism) the top 50 draft-eligible prospects.

The Mets’ selected receiver Kevin Parada with the 11th overall pick, shortstop Jett Williams with the 14th general selection, RHP Tidwell Blade with the 52nd overall pick and SS/OF/2B Nick Morabito with the 75th overall pick.

Parada in particular came with a lot of hype and he was rated by Law as the best player in college baseball this year, which is really high praise. Tidwell was considered a mid-round pick before running out of time with injuries, and many pundits were also high on both Williams and Morabito and their hitting ability for average and power.

The Mets’ carrying was ranked in the top six and their work on the first day of the draft is a major factor in why their farming system is now ranked 5th in the majors by ESPN. This is a testament to the work of Mets Vice President of Amateur and International Scouting, Tommy Tanous, and Director of Scouting, Marc Tramuta. The Mets have now cemented their status as one of MLB’s top drafting teams in recent years.

This is supported by the fact that the Mets also now have four players in American baseball recently updated list of top 100 prospects.

Álvarez is ranked No. 6 overall, Baty comes in at No. 28, Parada is ranked No. 53, and Ramirez rounds out the Mets roster coming in at No. 94. ESPN and Baseball America ratings may justify why Mets general manager Billy Eppler was right not to sacrifice any of his best prospects at the trade deadline, given how bright the future looks for this organization and its busy agricultural system.

Neal T. Doss