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BIG3 will launch limited-edition Forever Experience Action Tokens for $4,500 each


tom friend

BIG3, the three-on-three basketball league that begins where the NBA ends, will release Forever Experience Action Tokens (FEAT) on June 10. The inaugural cryptocurrency will provide buyers with benefits and exclusive league access for as long as BIG3 is in business.

NFTs will drop on with a total of 375 Gold Editions available per BIG3 team at $4,500 each. Once the league sells 375 per team, it will leave 100-200 more for a final total of 975 editions for each of the 12 BIG3 teams.

The league claims that once all FEATs are sold, they will never be available again, regardless of how long the league has been running.

Buyers have the flexibility to choose which teams and communities they join, as the tokens will contain BIG3 footage, interviews, and intellectual property. The league announcement comes on the heels of the recent sale of Fire-Tier NFTS worth $25,000, some of which was sold to Snoop Dogg, DeGods and Bill Lee, co-founder of Craft Ventures. FEAT purchasers will automatically be entered into a lottery to receive Fire-Tiers, which will award them a championship ring if their team wins the BIG3 title, as well as Zoom calls with league founders and/or players.

“FEATS are the new wave,” BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz said in a statement. “Access and utility are changing the NFT landscape and ushering in the next frontier of value that blockchain technology can deliver.”

The fifth season of BIG3 is set to debut on June 18e after the NBA Finals and will have games televised by CBS and Paramount+.

Neal T. Doss