Major League Baseball renews deal with Google Cloud to improve MLB.TV

Google Cloud and Major League Baseball reached an agreement earlier this month to expand their partnership which focuses on MLB media products and properties, primarily MLB.TV and their other media platforms.

MLB and Google have succeeded in recent years in developing their current model and making it accessible and increasingly innovative. Its strategic cloud provider plans to continue accelerating worldwide delivery efforts to continue delivering personalized, real-time experiences to MLB fans around the world.

This contract will use a wide range of products, including Anthos APIs, BigQuery, Cloud Armor, Looker and Google Cloud Media, which are essential components for producing live and on-demand video workflows. MLB will also launch Google Cloud’s Media CDN, which is a platform derived from YouTube’s infrastructure to deliver “immersive experiences” to MLB fans.

The partnership has many key markers that make this deal such a win-win for Google Cloud and MLB:

Enhanced Video Experiences: In the age of streaming, direct-to-consumer digital media experiences continue to grow in popularity as more and more audiences primarily consume online content. MLB’s decision to expand its partnership with Google Cloud will enable the creation of even more innovative and engaging content for the league’s media products, including MLB.TV. MLB will leverage Google Cloud’s global infrastructure and solutions, such as Media CDN and Media APIs, to drive this innovation.

Media supply chain agility: Said to be powered largely by Google Cloud, MLB’s media supply chain will enable the flexible creation, management and distribution of content. This will help MLB deliver content at faster speeds, with minimal latency and provide seamless content packaging for consumers. It will also be able to securely deliver video experiences to a multitude of endpoints around the world.

Personalized Fan Experiences: Leveraging Google Cloud’s vast expertise in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), MLB will gain real-time insights to continue improving the experience of fan viewing. For example, MLB will be able to continue to organize and label its vast collection of historical baseball footage in the Major League Baseball Film and Video Archive, which will allow archivists a more transparent process and continue to facilitate research. and viewing highlights for fans. the past on platforms like MLB Film Room. MLB will also be able to provide more personalized viewing experiences and recommendations based on Google Cloud’s AI models.

“Google Cloud has been an exceptional partner for baseball, helping us innovate platforms that provide our fans with exceptional real-time experiences, from Statcast to Film Room,” said Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. “With their industry-leading expertise in From Data Analytics to Machine Learning, this partnership provides us with an unparalleled extension of technology resources. We can now continue to partner with Google Cloud to deliver unparalleled digital experiences to our fans.”

Major League Baseball was the first professional sports league to livestream a full regular season schedule, and the league has since continued to pour money into technology partnerships, aimed at improving the fan experience during of the last two decades.

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Neal T. Doss