Long last name creates a fun jersey situation

A baseball jersey is not an open canvas. It’s a limited art forum, limited by the realities of how many letters, numbers, or whatever else you can put in it. That’s why you never see players with the number 1,423 on their backs. Either it wouldn’t fit or it would look pretty silly.

But surnames, now that’s another story. For big leaguers with long last names, you need to find a way to squeeze their entire seal onto the uniform. Traditionally, the strategy here has been to curve the letters in a very sharp arc, creating almost a semi-circle (also known as “Saltalamacchia Style”).

But during a spring training game on Monday afternoon, Rangers Minor League infielder Tyler Depreta-Johnson introduced a revolutionary new technique for getting the full name on the uni.

That’s right, arms. Whatever genius in the Rangers clothing department came up with this solution, he deserves a raise. Rangers’ lettering is also bigger and bulkier than any other team, so it’s no surprise that it was they who were forced into such a paradigm-shifting sartorial reorientation.

Neal T. Doss