Latest MLB The Show Content Drop Best in Diamond Dynasty History

MLB The Show 22Diamond Dynasty mode features regular content drops that offer new player cards and themed-based items throughout the baseball season, with some drops being much better than others. Recent updates and programs have left fans of MLB The Show 22 disappointed, as most of the new player cards haven’t been improved enough to justify the grind needed to get them. Sony San Diego clearly listened and responded, releasing the best content drop in Diamond Dynasty history last week.


Content falls into MLB The Show 22 usually revolve around Featured Programs, Events, Battle Royale, Ranked Seasons, and other player programs and map items. Players will then have a variety of time ranging from a few days to a few weeks to play the appropriate mode and earn XP and kills to work their way to premium rewards. Some previous featured programs had been less than overwhelming, especially considering the difficulty needed to get them, but the new Legends of the Franchise program is loaded with players who can slip into the rosters of even the best Diamond players. Dynasty.

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MLB The Legends of the Franchise Show

recent programs in MLB The Show 22 like Back to Old School and Field of Dreams only had a few boss reward options for players to choose from after earning at least 100,000 XP, and one choice was usually obvious over the others. As a result, there was less excitement in the community and the release of Crazy 23 in the same amount of time has caused some players to consider quitting MLB The Show 22 earlier than expected. Legends of the Franchise, with 30 players ranked 99 overall for players, addressed much of this concern, giving players the opportunity to earn 18 out of 30 players just by playing the game and earning XP .

Cards Hank Aaron, Ivan Rodriguez, and Andre Dawson are all among the top ten cards available in Diamond Dynasty, and several more are dotted throughout the top 25. Additionally, fans of players like Ozzie Smith and Tony Gwynn, legends who never t quite matches the power meta MLB The Show 22will love that these players received the highest power attributes they’ve even gotten on a map, making this a viable option for players who want to finally be able to use these players in their lineups.

MLB The Show 22 Events and Topps Now Collection

Christian Yelich has one of the smoothest swings in Major League Baseball and MLB The Show 22, and his 499-foot homer this season is celebrated with a power-loaded 99-total card. The Yelich Card is a Topps Now Card that players will get when they collect 105 Topps Now Cards, which can be obtained by MLB The Show 22 monthly schedule and the in-game market. Yelich sports triple-digit power across the board, including the max rating of 125 against right-handed throwing, making this Topps Now Yelich card an elite card in MLB The Show 22 before players even picked up on its high-end speed or touch. Account.

A new event tied to the Legends of the Franchise Featured Program also launched late last week, with two 99 Overall cards as rewards for racking up victories in Legends-only event games. At 15 wins, players get a 99 Overall Finest Collection Bert Blyleven, highlighting his 1974 season with the Minnesota Twins, and at 20 wins in the event, players get a 99 Overall Signature Series David Justice to add to their alignments. With 88 hits per nine innings, the Blyleven card won’t help many Diamond Dynasty pitcher rotations, but will help fill out some collections as a valuable card in the Finest Collection series. Justice, on the other hand, has excellent contact ratings and good power, with elite vision that will make it easier to recognize throws.

Jimmy Rollins Collection

For players who absolutely must have every card in the game, San Diego Studio also released a new Super Collection last week with a 99 Overall Jimmy Rollins as a collection reward. Currently the best card in the game, the 2007 Finest Collection Jimmy Rollins card can be obtained by completing 18 other collections and earning the tickets for each. It will take hundreds of cards, and potentially some money spent, but for very dedicated players, the Rollins card will be a dominating addition to their Diamond Dynasty lineups.

With every contact and power attribute above 100, Rollins is one of the most elite hitters in the game, and his vision rating of 119 makes it easy for players to identify pitches to rake. Add to that Rollins’ elite speed with 99 in all three attributes and diamond-level defense at shortstop, and this is a card that will do some serious damage in Diamond Dynasty. Super collections are difficult to complete in MLB The Show and should net some really cool rewards, and the Jimmy Rollins Finest Collection series offers players, as the card is currently the highest ranked player in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 is now available for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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