How to Get Heels Fast in MLB The Show 22

MLB: The Show 22 is the latest installment in the long-running series, and learning how to earn heels as quickly as possible will, as always, be key to moving forward.

A new season of Diamond Dynasty, an online mode where you can build a team of your favorite players past and present, has begun, like every year. Your best bet is to stock up on Stubs as in-game currency to build a formidable team.

What are heels in MLB The Show 22?

This time around, MLB The Show 22 is using Stubs as its primary currency. Stubs can be acquired by playing or purchased with real money.

Card packs known as “The Show Packs” can be purchased from The Show Shop using the Stubs you have earned. There is a community market where you can also buy and sell cards with other players. Diamond Dynasty cards are typically based on actual MLB players past and present, but there are also cards relating to gear, perks, sponsorships, stadiums, and unlocks like sound bites and celebrations. .

MLB The Show 22 Stubs Award

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get stubs without paying real money, but if you need them right away to grab that hot card that just came out, you’re more than welcome to pay real money for them.

The Show Shop offers them in the following price ranges:

  • 1,000 heels £0.99 / $0.99.
  • 5,000 heels £3.99 / $4.99.
  • 11,000 heels £7.99 / $9.99.
  • 24,000 heels £15.99 / $19.99.
  • 67,500 heels £39.99 / $49.99.
  • 150,000 heels £79.99/$99.99.

Stubs can also be earned in a number of ways, some of which are as simple as playing the game in a particular style and having fun doing it.

Buying Stubs in MLB The Show 22 is the fastest and easiest way to get Stubs, but there are plenty of other ways to get the currency while playing the game.

Here are some ways to get stubs fast in MLB The Show 22.

Find the best deals on the market

Find the best deals on the market - MLB The Show 22

Flipping cards in the Community Market is an easy way to create stubs, and you have full control over the market. Consider the value of MLB Player cards and use your Stubs to buy cards that are going down in value.

It is possible to make money if you buy the perfect card at the right time and resell it later. By using the Triangle button and the Marketplace tab, you can see the cumulative average value of a card over a given period. The overall value of a card can be influenced by promotional activities as well as actual performance in real life.

Play and complete the programs

Play and Complete Programs - MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 programs reward you for completing tasks and playing the game. Franchise Program Faces is the most important feature. Faces of the Franchise progression is driven by XP, which is granted for playing matches across all game modes. be used as you see fit.

Road to the Show is a great way to gain experience quickly. You won’t lose any XP playing single-player games if you lower the difficulty, so go ahead and lower the difficulty a notch or two.

Mini-Season Championships

Mini Season Championships - MLB The Show 22

Mini Seasons, a new single-player mode in Diamond Dynasty, pits you against CPU-controlled copies of other players’ teams in quick matches as you work your way to the championship.

Even though you will have to play many games, you can earn up to 10,000 Stubs for winning the mini-season championship, and the whole process can be repeated. Your team’s performance and Stub earnings will improve through the additional program advancement you receive, as well as opportunities to work on missions and increase the rating of each of your players simultaneously. Avoid wasting time if you’re struggling to win, but if you can, winning everything is worth it.

Sell ​​unused cards

Sell ​​Unused Cards - MLB The Show 22

When you start Diamond Dynasty, what’s the best way to get rid of your unused cards? There are a variety of options. You can sell or give them to your created player or keep them to complete your collections.

To win in Diamond Dynasty, you need to open decks of cards and acquire the best players you can afford. Plus, it means you’ll end up with a lot of cards for people you don’t need or who have stronger players in that role. Sell ​​Now and Quick Sell will be available for many maps in MLB The Show 22. It’s a good idea to select the Sell Now option if you have a buyer in mind and want to get the most Stubs for your map. Having the “quick sale” option has some advantages, but you should always choose to get the best price.

Full collections for rewards

Complete collections for rewards - MLB The Show 22

Perhaps the best way to earn Stubs without paying any money is to complete Collections. Your Diamond Dynasty Item Bin will fill up as you open The Show’s Show Packs. Thanks to this, you will be able to earn Stubs and bonuses.

You will get a huge amount of Stubs if you complete all the tasks in a single collection set, which usually has difficulty levels. To be on the safe side, keep in mind that cards you buy now cannot be sold later on the Community Market.

Start confrontations

Starting Matchups - MLB The Show 22

Playing Showdown mode is a great way to quickly acquire small amounts of Stubs. You’ll choose a starting roster, then complete moments to strengthen your team and earn bonuses as you progress through Showdowns. For every Stub you pay to enter a Showdown, you’ll get at least some of it back if you’re victorious.

Play Conquest Challenges

Play Conquest Challenges - MLB The Show 22

Diamond Dynasty Conquest mode is another wonderful method to max out your Stubs in MLB The Show 22. This is a strategy-like mode where you take control of other teams’ territory in order to conquer different maps. XP and Stubs can be earned by completing the various objectives on each map. Show Packs and Stubs can also be found as you acquire more areas on the map. Not as effective as other methods, but it’s a big plus to keep getting Stubs from time to time.

That concludes our look at How to Get Heels in MLB The Show 22. If you like this guide, check out our other MLB The Show 22 articles here.

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