How to Change Uniforms in MLB The Show 22

With the official release of MLB The Show 22 from San Diego Studio, fans of the franchise were quite curious about some of the mechanics the latest title will let them experience.

However, many core mechanics from previous titles have been retained, and the feature that has players very excited is the one that allows them to modify player uniforms.

Players returning to the franchise will be very familiar with it, as this feature has been a staple in previous entries. However, newcomers to the MLB series might have a little trouble grasping some of the game’s core mechanics.

Compared to previous titles, MLB The Show 22 is a much more realistic baseball experience and offers many different settings both on and off the field.

Therefore, for those who find it difficult to modify the uniforms in the title, we hope that today’s guide can help them.

Modifying Uniforms in MLB The Show 22

Editing uniforms in MLB The Show 22 is relatively straightforward, and players won’t have to do much to get familiar with this feature in-game.

Fans will be able to customize their team uniforms in-game by,

  • On their way to the Diamond Dynasty option, which they will find in the title’s main menu.
  • Upon opening the tab, they will need to navigate to the customization tab by selecting the option.
  • They now choose the Modify Uniform option, which will additionally provide two additional Custom Route and MLB/MLB Route options.
  • With Custom Road, players will be able to fully customize their uniforms from scratch.
  • With the MLB/MLB Road option, players will be able to edit the uniform of an existing jersey already present in the game. This option is more recommended for those who do not wish to put too much effort into their squad uniforms.

After selecting one of the options, the entire edit uniform menu will open and fans will have the following customization options available to them in MLB The Show 22:

  • Basic style
  • main color
  • Style color
  • invoice color
  • Subbill color
  • Beak edge color
  • Top button color
  • Hole point color
  • Grooves
  • stripe color

However, it is important to note that the options may change depending on the clothing players are modifying.

Additionally, the game also allows for modifications to both their home and away uniforms and specific modifications such as batting helmets, cleats, caps, sleeves, etc.

Players are also advised to make their home uniforms feature lighter colors with darker presets for the away kit. This will help them distinguish teams during matches.

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