How a Satanic Bill Failed in the Idaho Legislature

Was the devil in the details? Last week, a bill failed in the Idaho Senate that would have cracked down on what some consider to be pornography in Idaho libraries. The bill originated in the House and was given the designation HB 666. The authors warned that there was salacious material in some libraries that could end up in your children’s hands. Last week, I mentioned that a gubernatorial candidate discovered strange materials being marketed to children inside the children’s section of a library in Idaho Falls.

The concern then is, I suppose, real, but some Republicans in the Senate are more worried about liberal media criticism than the welfare of children.

Maybe the problem started with the numbering. Most Christians and even many non-Christians understand the meaning of number 666! Even some lawmakers who supported the bill expressed dismay at the designation.

A few years ago, I couldn’t locate my social security number. I went to a government office and did the paperwork to get a new one. As I turned off the busy main highway and used an alternate street, I noticed a house across the parking lot with street number 666! Some people believe that the use of social security numbers as a means of identification is another sign of the end of times.

I once read a story where a writer claimed that 666 was a mistranslation. He claimed the actual number of the Antichrist was 616. The area code is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just in case you were wondering.

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Neal T. Doss