Fully customizable teams, logos and uniforms coming to FM

Pitchers and receivers are showing up for spring training and the 2020 MLB season is officially underway.

Moreover, we can rejoice in the
first game of Spring Training, between the Texas Rangers and Kansas City
Royals, February 21.

All of this, added to the release of MLB The Show 20 on the 17th of March means baseball fever is at an all-time high.

Prior to release, San Diego studios were tight-lipped about their 15th anniversary edition of The Show.

Until the official gameplay trailer, we didn’t know anything more than the cover star and the release date, and even the trailer only teased what was to come.

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Along with the trailer, however, was the release of the developer’s live stream schedule, which revealed the dates we’d see each new game feature explained.

On February 13, the developers will dive into Road to the Show and Franchise Mode, and their latest The coach’s couch the video brought to light a very interesting feature.

Franchise Customization

Sports games are no stranger to
customization that makes racing games, RPGs, and shooters, for example, so

Personalization is a huge aspect of the gaming world, and for sports fans, what could be better than creating the team of your dreams?

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Unfortunately, this is something that MLB The Show fans missed as they were limited to the 30 current MLB teams.

We now know that franchise customization is coming to MLB The Show 20.

NEW FRANCHISE, WHO DIS? : Build your dream team in MLB The Show 20

In Coach’s Couch’s latest video, Ramone Russell, Community Manager and Game Designer for MLB The Show, says, “Diamond Dynasty logo designer, team name editor and team color editor head to all to Franchise mode.

The logo vault will also be available for
your personalized deductible.

Going through the clips shown in the video, when
you choose your team in Franchise mode, you can choose to replace any team with a
custom team, then choose to create your own or load a previously created team

CUSTOM: Choose your style for your MLB franchise

From here you can choose the city, team name, uniforms, logos, colors and stadium – although the choice of stadium seems to be to choose from one of the existing baseball stadiums.

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February 13 Live Streams

You can watch the latest livestream at 3:00 p.m. PT (6:00 p.m. ET/11:00 p.m. GMT) live on the official SIE San Diego Twitch channel. They will also be simulcast on Facebook and YouTube, so there are plenty of ways to watch them!

Neal T. Doss