Former MLB star Jose Canseco has transformed an Acura NSX into a Lamborghini Diablo. Now it’s up for auction.

Do you want to shake up your car collection? So let us draw your attention to one of the weirdest vehicles you’re likely to see this year.

A 1999 Acura NSX that has been converted to look like a Lamborghini Diablo GT is currently up for sale on eBay Motors. If for some reason that’s not weird enough for you, just know that the person who ordered the weird mix would be former big league slugger Jose Canseco.

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Sometime around the turn of the millennium, Canseco acquired an NSX even though the car he really seems to have had his heart set on was a one-off Diablo GT in ’83. his 17-season career, so he could have bought one of the $309,000 supercars for himself. Rather than do that, however, he enlisted the customization specialist who designed the Vaydor, the custom purple Infiniti G35 coupe that the Joker drove. suicide squadto turn his NSX into Diablo.

Jose Canseco's former Acura NSX-Lamborghini Diablo GT mash-up supercar - Credit: eBay

Jose Canseco’s former Acura NSX-Lamborghini Diablo GT mash-up supercar – Credit: eBay


Although the NSX and Diablo don’t seem to have much in common, they’re both mid-engined supercars from the 1990s. And because of that, they seem to have blended together surprisingly well. Details are scarce, but the automaker seems to have taken the chassis and mechanical parts of the NSX and covered it in somewhat convincing Diablo bodywork. No tech specs are provided in the listing other than that it is powered by a V-6 mated to a manual transmission. Assuming it’s the same setup found in a standard 1999 NSX, that suggests the factory can produce around 290 horsepower and 224 lb-ft of torque. It’s nowhere near as powerful as the Diablo GT’s V-12, which could deliver 570 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque, but it packs a punch.

If you’re wondering why the current owner is willing to part with such a rare vehicle, the answer is simple: they need more space in their garage.

Inside Canseco's old NSX-Diablo GT mash-up - Credit: eBay

Inside Canseco’s old NSX-Diablo GT mash-up – Credit: eBay


“This is an EXTREMELY UNIQUE exotic sports car,” he wrote in the action listing. “This car once belonged to Jose Canseco and IS TURNING MY HEAD EVERYWHERE. I’m only selling this car because I’m buying another Lamborghini and if I could keep two I would.

If this extremely unusual NSX-Diablo mash-up has piqued your interest, you have until next Tuesday to submit your bid. Bidding has already reached $123,456, more than $50,000 below the $175,000 reserve. As of press time, 13 bids have already been placed since the car was listed on Saturday. We will soon know if he achieves his goal.

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