DraftKings Promo Code: Bet $5, Win $150 On Monday MLB Games

The latest DraftKings promo code helps new users start their week with free money with an exclusive sign-up offer. This page will help potential customers unlock a $5 bet and get a $150 MLB bonus.

You can only get this offer through the links on this page, which also help you bypass any required DraftKings promo code. Click on any of these links to create a new DK Sportsbook account and earn $150 guaranteed bonus.

Monday’s sports schedule is pretty thin, but it includes 10 MLB games with solid matchups. New DraftKings Sportsbook users can place any $5 bet on any of these games and collect $150 immediately. Sign up now and that $150 bonus will land in your new account with plenty of time to figure out how to use the free money before tonight’s first launches.

To activate a $5 Can’t Miss Bet Get $150 MLB offer no DraftKings promo code needed, click here.

No DraftKings Promo Code Needed For This $5 Bet, Get $150 MLB Bonus

Monday’s MLB slate promises 10 games, including a double-header. The best way to improve the only American sports action you can bet on today is with the latest DraftKings sign-up promotion. Those who sign up to DK Sportsbook have a unique opportunity to bet $5 on any game and win $150 immediately. The links on this page provide access to this exclusive offer while simultaneously avoiding any promotional code needed.

This promotion is beautifully constructed from the perspective of a sports bettor. After all, it pays automatically and immediately and only requires an investment of $5 to acquire. After signing up, customers place any $5 MLB bet they wish and DraftKings immediately floods their account with $150 in bonuses.

The bonus money comes in the form of six $25 free bets which can be used with any type of bet in any sport. These six bets are valid for seven days after receipt and all the money you win with them comes in cash. So you can withdraw the profits directly or choose to reinvest the earnings anywhere in the app.

Follow this walkthrough to automatically collect $150 on any $5 MLB bet

Besides already being a slam dunk sign-up bonus that literally can’t be lost, this offer is also easily acquired. In fact, use this step-by-step guide to be $150 richer in bonuses in just minutes:

  • First, click here to register and activate your bonus without a DraftKings promo code.
  • After that, complete your first account registration by entering all required data fields. For example, you will enter information such as your name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Then, make a first deposit into your new DraftKings account of at least $5 using any secure method available.
  • Finally, place any $5 MLB bet you wish. DraftKings Sportsbook will immediately pay out six $25 free bets to your account once you lock in that bet. Additionally, if your $5 bet is cashed out, DraftKings will also pay you those profits.

Participating states currently include: WV, WY, VA, TN, PA, NY, NJ, MI, LA, IN, IL, IA, CT, CO, AZ.

Other In-App Promotions for New Users Without a DraftKings Promo Code

New DraftKings Sportsbook users who sign up for the aforementioned promotion will find even more great offers waiting in the app. Under the Promos tab, you’ll find a wide range of other special promotions, each accessible without a DraftKings promo code. For example, customers will find profit boosts, parlay insurance, deposit matches, risk-free betting, and player missions. To clarify, here is a brief description of what each of these promotions will do for you, the new DK Sportsbook member:

  • Profit Boost – this improves your typical odds for certain bets by a predetermined percentage. For example, you might receive a 20% profit boost on a 3-team MLB bet.
  • Parlay insurance – this will ensure that your parlay or SGP will not suffer loss if it meets certain requirements. You could get your money back if all but one of the betting steps are successful.
  • Deposit Match – this means that DraftKings will match a percentage (or sometimes the whole) of a deposit you make to the bookmaker or online casino. Your match will come in the form of bonus money which you must play to become money.
  • Risk Free Betting – here DraftKings promises a user a refund on a certain bet up to a certain amount if the bet loses. Typically, this refund will come in the form of bonus money that you have to play once.
  • Player Missions – customers can choose to complete these custom sports betting or online casino missions for specific bonus cash rewards. These can be found under their own tab in the Promos tab.

To activate a $5 Can’t Miss Bet Get $150 MLB offer no DraftKings promo code needed, click here.

Neal T. Doss