2022 MLB Trade Deadline Predictions

The MLB 2022 trade deadline of August 2 is fast approaching as the second half of the Major League Baseball season begins. As we come out of All-Star Break, after Juan SotoWith the Home Run Derby crown and the American League once again winning the 2022 MLB All-Star Game, the next big event of the 2022 MLB season is the Trade Deadline. MLB trade rumors have been swirling for weeks and while not every potential trade opportunity includes a transcendent talent like Soto, there are plenty of impactful steps that can be taken. Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas headline the starting pitchers that could soon be on the move and affect your fantasy baseball rosters. David Bednar and David Robertson will be great additions to a contending team’s bullpen, but fantasy baseball managers could see their save count drop based on landing spots. It is important to keep track of latest fantasy baseball news in the days and weeks to come to see how MLB lineups will change. The fantasy baseball rankings and rest of the season MLB screenings could certainly be affected by actual MLB transactions. Continue to be active on the fancy baseball waiver yarn and seek MLB Top Prospects to be called up or change teams as well. There are plenty of players who could be traded soon, so I’ve compiled some of the most notable trade candidates and predictions leading up to the August 2 MLB 2022 trade deadline.

2022 MLB Trade Deadline Predictions Pitchers

Ignore Frankie Montas‘ Record of 3-9 because, frankly, nobody cares. What a lot of MLB teams like is that he posted a 3.26 ERA (3.30 FIP) with a 9.31 K/9 and a 1.09 WHIP in 17 starts this season. He is expected to kick off one of Thursday’s doubleheader matches, his first appearance since the start of the month. If Montas looks healthy and dominates Detroit, every team in contention will be ready to start sending offers to Oakland. The biggest hurdle for teams trading for the starting pitcher in the Athletics is the status of that shoulder, as we haven’t seen it since July 3. Control of the team until 2023 is probably attractive to many suitors, but it also comes with a slightly higher price tag. than if he was a free agent after the season. In the trade for Montas, the two big things that MLB teams worry about are his current health and whether he can be trusted to stay healthy throughout the stretch.

Luis Castillo is only 3-4 on the year, but he sports a 2.77 ERA (3.24 xERA, 3.03 FIP) over 78 innings in 2022. His strikeout rate of 25.5% is better than in 2021, and on par with his career. Despite not generating as many ground balls as in the past, Castillo hasn’t been hurt by the long ball this year. Any contender should be right-handed for the Cincinnati Reds, and fantasy baseball managers should be thrilled to kick him out of the Great American Ball Park. He has a 3.60 ERA at home this year, compared to a 2.09 ERA on the road. There’s yet another year of team control with Castillo after this season, which makes him even more attractive to perennial suitors.

After signing a $21 million contract this offseason, the 29-year-old right-hander has been all the Angels could have asked for as a stable part of the rotation. Despite going 5-7 on the year and a dearth of strikeouts compared to what we used to see in the New York days, Noah Syndergaard was healthy and efficient on the mound. He has an even 4.00 ERA on the year and his 1.20 WHIP is his lowest rating since 2017. Syndergaard has posted a 5.96 ERA away from his home park this season – not to mention of a 1.40 HR / 9 – so his fantastic value will rather be depending on what his new residence park will be. With the Angels largely underwhelming this year, they would be wise to trade Syndergaard for a few coins as he would likely be heading elsewhere in free agency.

The Pirates have been known to hand out relievers at Deadline and 2022 All-Star David Bednar will be this year’s edition to continue the trend. The right-hander has a 2.89 ERA on the year with an 11.75 K/9 and he’s had 80 percent (16 for 20) save opportunities so far for Pittsburgh. Bednar has calmed down lately after a torrid start to the season and he allows harder contact than you would like to see from a man in the ninth inning. However, he generates a ton of swings and misses — with three pitches with a smell rate north of 30% this season — and has proven effective since joining Pittsburgh. Bednar has many years under the control of the team, which makes him very attractive to teams with rosters built to struggle in 2022 and the next two years.

David Robertson is in a situation much like Bednar above. If a competing team wants to offer a bad team some prospect of getting closer, take the deal and don’t look back. At 37, Robertson has found the fountain of youth and is enjoying his best season since 2017 or 2018. He has 13 of 18 save opportunities this season, but his 1.93 ERA is his lowest since 2017. he has a 21% north strikeout rate for the fourth straight season in which he has recorded at least 10 innings on the bump. This year Robertson ditched the use of his cutter in favor of his curve and slider – both of which have been excellent and induce more ground balls than his cutter. The increase in rushers has minimized his home runs, as his mark of 0.72 HR/9 would be his lowest since 2013 (0.68). Fantasy-wise, Robertson could take a bit because he’s probably going somewhere he’s not the closest. Still, the Chicago Cubs reliever has done enough this year to show he can help your team’s ratios outside of ninth-inning work.

Other pitchers to watch out for: Jose Quintana, Michael Fulmer, Tyler Mahle, Josh Hader, Patrick Corbin

2022 MLB Trade Deadline Predictions Hitters

Here is the big one. Do Juan Soto be processed by the transaction deadline? We can talk about his numbers, but everyone knows how good he is. It’s an unprecedented time, especially in baseball, as the 23-year-old superstars don’t often find themselves in business conversations. If the Nationals decide they won’t pay Soto more than the $440 million deal he turned down, it’s time to exhaust another team’s farm system. Washington can get MLB-ready talent and/or top prospects to reignite the post-Soto era. The Nationals don’t have to trade him, and that’s the big deal here, because he’s still under the team’s control for a few more seasons. However, trading him at the deadline would likely generate the best value for Washington.

Willson Contreras is as good as gone. He’s a free agent at the end of the year and the 30-year-old safety net, no matter how good he is offensively, is probably not in the long-term plans for a rebuilding Chicago Cubs team. . Contreras is hitting .253 on the year with 13 home runs and 35 RBIs, and stepping into a roster with a good supporting cast would be a huge boost to his fantasy value. He has a power arm behind the plate and can steal a few outs for his pitchers, but his 33rd percentile framing can leave a few strikeouts on the table. However, Contreras’ 91st percentile hard hitting rate and 91st percentile xwOBA behind the plate would be a massive boost for a contending team with a shortage of offensive production compared to its current backstop.

A 28-year-old outfielder who was a former first-round pick who was slated to be a free agent after the season should be a hot commodity in general. When you sprinkle in the fact that the Royals left-handed outfielder is hitting .317 on the year with a .386 OBP and 127 wRC+, you’d think he’d be one of the biggest names in the trade market. André Benintendi only has three home runs and two stolen bases a year, so he’ll provide good defense and consistently put himself on the base of a contending team. However, the biggest issue concerns his vaccination status. American League teams in particular are hesitant to trade a ton for Benintendi because if he’s not vaccinated he won’t be able to play in Toronto. What if there was a playoff against the Blue Jays? That’s the downside here. The Yankees have already essentially pulled out of the Benintendi draw for that reason alone. It will be a fascinating development leading up to the August 2 deadline. While Benintendi may not boast elite outfield power or speed, competing teams would love to add a .300+ hitter to the top of their roster — especially one who also has a double-digit market rate over the year.

Josh Bell has a career year for Washington and it couldn’t come at a better time. It looks like he’s been a popular trade contender for weeks, if not months, at this point! Bell’s .311 batting average is a career-best, and he has 13 home runs and 50 RBIs in 93 games this season. He has a swinging under 10% strike rate this season, which would be his lowest since 2018. Additionally, the 82.2% contact rate would be his highest mark since his rookie season. The Nationals first baseman has a 91st percentile strikeout rate and while the stats are solid, the expected stats are even better – highlighted by his 96th percentile xBA and 90th percentile xwOBA. Bell may not boast the typical batting profile of a corner infielder, but he is an on-base machine and has an impressive .613 percentage in his last 185 plate appearances.

The Reds are going to be like the Cubs and will sell anyone to anyone who asks. Brandon Dry came out of nowhere in his 29-year season, hitting .278 with a .370 wOBA and 2.3 WAR. He has 18 home runs on the year, which is already a career high, and it should only take about two weeks before he hits career highs in runs and RBI as well. Drury is a free agent after this season and would make a great bat for a contending team. However, he has some pretty big splits, as he hit .310 at Great American Ball Park this year, but only .241 away. He’s been a breakout player for Cincinnati but should be a pretty affordable infielder by deadline.

Other hitters to watch: Sean Murphy, Ian HappMichael A. Taylor, Joey Gallo

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